Saturday, April 26, 2008

I couldn't leave out MAINE!

Laura's on the tennis team!
Laura and I went for a canoe ride at Nana's house.. It was so pretty
Italian sandwiches!!! MMmm MMmm!

We were trying to find outfits for Tony's wedding.. This picture makes me laugh.

What would a trip to Maine be wihtout a Sea Dogs game with Nana and Bim!!! haha..

Sea Dog biscuits.. The real reason I go to the Sea Dogs games.
So it got a little cold, alright!!??

Whoopie Pies! I'm pretty sure the guy at the restaraunt thought I was a crazy tourist.. ha
So.. after New York and Boston, I took a trip up to Maine to visit the fam.. I love Maine!! I had a great time.. It was pretty warm too..

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Visit To BOSTON!

The Common...

The Boston Temple at Night
Michelle and I in Boston Harbor

The crazy Hay Market.. It was nuts!!! But they had a lot of cheap produce.
It's almost my last name.. just missing the "D-I"
Part of the Freedom Trail. "One if by land, two if by sea."

We tried on hats.. I look like a strapping young school boy!
Michelle's hat. I caught her mid-sentence.

A concert in Harvard square. It actually turned out to be a sound check.
My car.. actually, my parent's car, broke down ... what's new.. I'm used to this sorta thing. Don't worry though.. Junior fixed it for me.
A strange statue of gloves... very strange.
Quincy Mah-ket.

Michelle's street in Somerville, MASS.
The biggest escalator I've ever seen.. and my mom's worst nightmare (she hates hates escalators)
I saw the missionaries and HAD to snap a picture!
Harvard!!! It was pretty cool.. a pretty campus.
I came aroudn the corner whiel walking around Harvard, to find this crazy PARTY going on.. Do Harvard students really have TIME for fun?!??!? seriously. Boston was a lot of fun.. I LOVED IT!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Okay.. I have been purse tagged. I don't even knwo if I'm doing this right, because I've never been tagged before at all.. so. .here goes. Here is the purse.. I found lots of good stuff in there. A check book, wallet, my planner, which i write everything in. I also found some receipts, way too many chap sticks and lip glosses.. and my favorite, a recipe for meatballs.. (don't ask).. and.. a ticket for the local baseball team.. with an autograph on it! (even better).. I'm pretty sure the autograph is goign to be worth something some day. And if you want, you can attempt to steal the meatball recipe from the photo. .good luck!. haha.. I almost forgot- there was also a "TO-DO" list, because what would a purse of mine be wihtout my infamous TO-DO list!?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New York, NY!!!

Times square! Running to catch the subway!

So, I thought this was a roller coaster from far away... but when i asked if it was, I got laughed at. Turns out, it was some art... Roller coasters are way cooler!
The gondola ride to Roosevelt island..
Adam.. deep in thought.. ha

Adam and I on the gondola..

The George Washington bridge.

I tested out Rich's office.. I think I fit in quite nicely, don't you?

What would a trip to NYC be wtihout a little broadway??? The show was amazing!

The view from Rich's law building!!!
k.. i love this picture.. I told Adam and Rich to pose like the statue.. priceless.. haah

Rich in his office.. check out that view of the city!

I met up with my friend McKay for the Knicks game!! It was pretty fun! we even got to meet soem of the players afterwards.. but.. i have to admit.. i didn't know any of their names.. and i didn't get any pis.
We were deep in conversation while waiting for our burgers
Yummy, yummy burgers!!! plus sausage and bacon.. HEALTHY!
MMMmm mMMMMMmmm good

This is from the day I was by myself.. I had a runner take this pic for me.. I think she felt sorry for me..
Grand Central Station
My pretty hair after the humidity hit it.. Can you believe I straightened it earlier that day?

A fashion display at the MET.. my word for it is... "unique"

This is something called "modern art"... I call it "ehhh?????"
I just returned from the big NYC! I had great fun. Visited with some old friends, saw a show, went to a knicks game.. all in just three days! I even went to central park and the MET!.. in fact, i spent a full day by myself since everyone was at work. It was nice...