Saturday, May 10, 2008

TOny + Christin Wedding

My Sister and I in Front of the Temple

Me, Mom, Laura

Becky and I
Some of the Windham gals
Windham ward reunion

The ring bearer.. isn't he adorable!?

The DiFiore fam including the newest member!

The DIFIORE men!

The mawwage!

We got to see a ton of people from home.. It was like a ward reunion!
So.. my brother, Tony, got married.. it was a very pretty wedding. It was great to have my family out visiting and to see Tony get married. We love Christin.. she is so great for Tony.. and they make a great couple! It was a beautiful day out and a lovely wedding!!!!.. and we got to see a ton of people that were all in the Windham ward once upon a time.