Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day Outside!

What a day we had yesterday! It was over 70 degrees out. We played tennis, went to a real salt lake game, flew kites, and played tennis again!!! It was really fun. Our friends, Kaylene and Jared came up and so did my brother, Nick. We played tennis in the morning with Kaylene and Jared, then went to the soccer game with one of John's friends from work, then bought dollar kites at walmart and flew them. Then, Nick and John played tennis again. It was so warm out, we just couldn't resist spending the day outside!! I can't wait for summer!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

So..Now I'm REALLY old.. 27.. yikes. My birthday was fun. John and I ate out at the
cheesecake factory. They even sang to me.. I honestly didn't think they really did that anymore!! John got me a gift certificate to go get a massage.. I can't wait to use it!! We tried the banana cream cheesecake.. delicious! then, we had my brother's over and a few friends. We ate ice cream cake from DQ (my favorite!) and played guesstures, dr mario, and wii. It was super fun!!!! Ahhhh.. Definitely a fun day.