Friday, June 27, 2008

Mountain Biking=DEATH

I apologize upfront for the.. revealing of too much leg.. but i just HAD to prove to you that i took a large fall. John is into mountain biking, so i agreed (not having any idea what i was getting into) to try it out. We went one night and it was pretty hard, but not too bad. I did have thoughts running through my head.. such as "This sucks".. "what part of this is FUN" and "I can't breathe!"... but in the end, it wasn't all that bad.. On the way down, however, I ate it in a huge mud puddle.. which actually was pretty funny and left one bruise on my leg. In all honesty, i laughed my head off right after it happened.
After that trip, for some insane reason, I agreed to go again.. in hopes that the second trip would be a similar trail to the first. This was not so. The second trail made me wish death upon myself.. seriously.. this thing was STEEP!!! and.. NOT SHADED.. and definitely not like the first trail. I wanted to die the whole way up.. and it was about 97 degrees out. Needless to say.. i made it all the way up.. and on the way down.. ate it... hard! I'm telling you.. Bike off the edge of the trail, rocks in my hands and arms.. dirt in my mouth. I totally biffed it down the mountain. I came so close to crying, my eyes were watering.. until i told myself i was too old to cry and john would think i was crazy.. so.. now i have a total of about five bruises (pictured above). I told john i'm out of commission for a while. p.s. you'll note that for many pictures i am actually just walking the bike up the trail.. This occurred many a time while "biking" for me..

hangin with the fam

All the DiFiore kids... together again.. ahhhh.. So.. Laura is out here for EFY.. and we all decided to have dinner together along with a bunch of other fellow maine-ers. It was pretty crazy and pretty fun. We had chicken cacciatore and played games while laughing our heads off. Great fun.. ya.. great fun. Anyways, it was really good to see the boys and i am loving having laura around for a bit.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


We've been way into having bonfires lately.. and this one was a group date with tinfoil dinners.. MMmm mmmm.. they were good!!! then.. we realized we brought one gallon of water for 10 people.... and john and i were parched!!! so.. needless to say, we left early.. and yes.. i know that makes us a bunch of wooses.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My sweet ride with the BUTTERCREAM GANG!

so.. john has a motorcycle.. it's pretty.... SWEET! and every sunday, he and a bunch of guys from our ward (who also own bikes) go on a sunday drive. I have recently been lucky enough to join them. It's pretty fun.. and i decided to call them the "modern-day buttercream gang".. because, let's face it, who rides regular old bicycles anymore!?!

Monday, June 16, 2008

painting madness

so.. My boyfriend, John, and I helped this girl paint her new condo. I was kind of dreading it, because it was early on a saturday morning, but it ended up being a lot of fun!! We painted about half the condo by the time we left (with the help of others).. and we even painted a closet, which i'm surprised we didn't pass out from the fumes.. since there were no windows.. it was fun times and painting is not as bad as I remembered!