Monday, March 24, 2008


So.. I went to disneyland for spring recess with some friends.. it was SO fun!!!! We spent three days in disneyland.. along with some time at the beach with a campfire .. and an afternoon at the pool. This was my first time to disneyland, and i gotta say, it was pretty... sweet!!!! I also should mention, there were some rides that were a little bit more "wet" than i was planning on.. as you will see pictured above! At our beach fire, we made an attempt at jiffy pop, which you may notice FAILED!.. We ended up taking the top off and letting the popcorn pop out of the fire.. while we tried to catch it. I realize i put WAY too many pictures on here.. but you might understand that if you knew I had to pick out of about 300!!! Talk about being picture freak!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

26 and feelin' OLD!

So.. We celebrated my birthday. As you can see, we went to dinner, afterwhich, the boys proceeded to play video games until we peeled them off the t.v. and made them play games... haha. We ate at the cheesecake factory then went back to my house for cake. We also took bets on what would be inside my birthday package from Nana!!.. It was fun..