Sunday, March 27, 2011


We.. well, John went curling with our friend, Jaelan. It was more complicated than I thought. They make it look so easy in the olympics. John had a lot of fun. If only they let pregnant ladies on the ice!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

25 Weeks

Okay.. here I am.. at 25 weeks.. bending over is getting unpleasant.. so is picking up things. I find that lately, if I drop something, I decide if it's worth it to pick it up or not, and then proceed. These babies sure do kick a lot. People ask if they kick more than one baby.. but then I point out that I don't have a clue since I have nothing to compare it to. They especially like to kick me when I'm sitting down, leaning forward- I take that to mean- "hey lady- you're squishing us!" People have also been asking how I'm feeling.. and I actually am feeling pretty good! I'm just grateful not to be sick anymore, mostly. The second trimester has been awesome. I can't believe how far I still have to go.. and I'm wondering how the heck my belly is going to stretch that far. That kind of freaks me out. Also, my belly itches like crazy.

The Big.. 29!

FYI- This is the last time I will be posting how old I am.. so you'll just have to figure it out yourself after this year.. (aka.. turning 30 is not cool!) My birthday was fun. We went out to dinner with 2 of my brothers and their families to the Pizza Factory.. then went over to Mike's to eat ice cream cake (my fave) and play games (also my fave). The other picture is my nephew Brody. He makes great faces. Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

22 Weeks

So.. I'm 22 weeks.. and starting to feel rather large.. I can't believe I still have so far to go! Yikes!

Dinner with the Siblings

 We had a family dinner while my sister was down visiting from Idaho. It was fun to have all the siblings together.. even though we were all tired and Laura had had a long day of flights! I love that my siblings are all so close! It's awesome that we get to hang out on a regular basis.

Ski Competition

John and I went with some friends up to Park City to watch a ski competition. It was pretty cool. We watched the skiiers on the half pipe and then we watched them do the moguls as well. It was pretty cold up there, and I also realized how out-of-breath I get when pregnant and walking up hills in the snow!! If you look closely in the last picture, you can see one of the skiiers making a sweet move on the half pipe. He kind of blends in with the background. It was really fun to watch..