Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Weeks!!.. Let the count-down begin

Here I am.. 30 weeks. I'm starting to realize how close this whole thing is getting. In all honesty, it still doesn't seem real.. that there are TWO babies in there. I mean, really?!? Things are getting more uncomfortable and difficult, too. Whenever I'm sitting down, my belly kind of sits on my lap. haha. Also, these babies are moving ALL the time. Sometimes, I sit and stare at my belly in awe.. as it moves around. At my last appointment, they said the girl was measuring around 3 lbs., 2 oz.. and the boy around 4 lbs.! According to the book I'm reading, they're only supposed to be "almost 3 lbs" by now!! My doc said all that means is that I'm carrying two big, healthy, babies- which makes me VERY happy. I'm just so grateful that everything has gone so well thus far! I'm one lucky gal.

Tulip Festival 2011

My friend, Leslie, and I went to the tulip festival. This year, there less flowers that had bloomed.. but it was still really pretty. I got to play around with our new fancy camera, too! It was nice just to be outside and to enjoy the flowers and the sun. Plus, let's face it, there's only so much left that I can DO these days.. and this is one of them. haha.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


My awesome friend, Leslie, threw me a baby shower. Look at all that yummy food she made! and there was even a good turnout. I'm so glad I have generous friends. I got some much-needed stuff.. Thank you, everyone, for coming! You are all awesome. The last picture is John enjoying some of the leftover treats.. haha.. we just thought it was funny that he's eating such a girly looking treat.

Shooting Skeets

During my baby shower, the boys needed something manly to do. Tony was nice enough to take everyone skeet shooting. According to the stories, they had a blast. They were gone for hours.. even long after the baby shower had ended.. and John came home with a sunburn. It was good times had by all!

The Baby Room... In the Making

A while back, we had my brother, Tony, help put together our cribs. It was pretty fun to watch. The bottom picture is what Christin and I did while they put together the cribs.. haha.. I know it looks like I'm not doing much.. but hey, I'm incubating babies! It's a lot of hard work! Anyway, they were pretty fast at putting up those cribs, especially the second time around. You should have seen the front room full of trash afterwards- somehow that picture got deleted. Yay for cute cribs! Now I need to decorate! Help!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So.. I'm 28 weeks now, and in the third trimester. John says it's looking like I have a basketball in my shirt. I can definitely feel the "uncomfortable" stage coming on. My legs sometimes hurt at night.. and I get weird charlie horses in my feet. I also can't stand for long periods of time, or all the blood runs into my feet. It's hard to believe I'm this far along and that there aren't that many weeks left! We still need to decide on names! Ah!! The baby room is coming along. I will post pics of it, once it's done.