Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 11: Canoe Trip ... and one last afternoon at Nana's lake!

On our last day in Maine, we went on a canoe trip down the Saco river. It was pretty fun. The river is sandy on the bottom, so it's nice for swimming, etc. After the canoe trip, we went to spend one last afternoon at my Nana's on the lake. We went on the rope swing, wake boarding, flew John's new kite off the back of the boat, and rode the paddle boat. A few funny stories: John flew his kite off the back of the motor boat.. when he reached the end of the string, he couldn't hold on anymore so he let go. The kite dropped down into the water, and John dove in after it! It was hilarious- I'm hoping this means John would save me or our future children if WE fell off a boat- haha.. and the last picture is my mom and John having a lazy time out on the lake, chatting. I found them this way after returning from a haircut appointment. I thought it was so cute! Ahh.. it was a wonderful trip to Maine- probably the best yet.. and we were sad to leave... and.. you're probably glad I'm finally DONE posting about Maine! Yay!

Day 10: Visit with Grampy

We went and visited my Grandpa. He lives on a lake, so we went for a rowboat ride. We also played cribbage (my Grandpa's favorite game). It was fun.. and the lake was beau-ti-ful! Love you, gramps!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 9: Lobster Bake and Popham Beach

One of the fortsThe girls with the lobster cook, himself!Popham Beach

On Day 9 (although I think the days may be a little messed up) we went to our friend's house- They live in a bed and breakfast and run it. They also have weddings there and lobster bakes. It's a beautiful house right on a peninsula between the ocean and a lake. On this particular day, it was overcast, but when the sun is out, it is heaven up there. We had a lobster bake, where you bake the lobster and potatoes and corn layered with seaweed on an fire. It was DE-LISH. We explored some old forts and walked on the really long beach while the lobster was cooking. Despite the weather, it was really fun.. Once upon a time, I worked at the weddings they had there, so it brought back a lot of memories to be there.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 8: The beach and Uncle Skip's Sailboat

We went to da BEACH! Love, love the beach. We went boogie boarding, explored tide pools, flew a mini-kite, went for "long walks on the beach," and ate italians and whoopie pies. The weather was awesome and we even found some starfish and crabs in the tide pools. After the beach, we went on my Uncle Skip's sailboat. John was in heaven. We got the sailboat going pretty dang fast in the wind. We each got a turn sailing the boat. On my turn, I (of course) had a little mishap with a lobster trap- but Uncle Skip came in and saved the day with his lobster buoey stick thingy - and yes, I'm sure that's the technical term for it. We saw seals and lots of forts and islands! Thank you, Uncle Skip, for a fun time! The bottom pic is us coming back in on the dingy.. It was dark and rainy out by then.

Day 7: Nana's house on Little Sebago!

This is probably our favorite place to spend our time in Maine. We went to Nana's house for the day and boated, wake boarded, tubed, went on the sailboat, went on the rope swing, kayaked, ate beans (Nana's a great cook!), had a fire and made s'mores, did sparklers, and much much more- it was AWESOME!