Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Biking.. again!

John and I went for a "quick" bikeride the other night after work. It was really nice out and we have been wanting to try out some new trails in Draper. It was really fun. A pretty long climb.. but fun on the way down!! I think I'm even getting a little more daring! We ran into our home teacher on the way down, too. Kind of funny. We had a nice view of the Draper temple, as you can see!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

first mountain bike of the year

My friend, Rachel, and I went for a bike ride last saturday. It's been so nice out and I've really wanted to go on this one trail. John was supposed to come, but was feeling under the weather. So, off we went, just the two of us.. It was so beautiful.. especially to be near the water.. but let me tell you, I am WAY out of shape! Apparently I did a little too much sitting around this past winter. ... cuz I was struggling. This means I will definitely have to do some more exercising soon.. or I won't be able to hack the mountain biking John will soon be taking me on. p.s. I swear there were harder part on the trail than this. We only stopped at the level parts to take pics... seriously!! I'm not lying!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flying planes n' stuff!

Itwas so nice out on Saturday, that we took advantage of the nice weather and went outside to fly model airplanes. Our friend, Kevin, came.. and my little brother and his girlfriend, Ashlee, came. It was way fun! I took a few pics of the awesome face john makes when he flies his plane. It's most likely because he's concentrating so hard.. makes me laugh. Our friend, Kevin, brought a glider plane and a buddy box, so that those of us who are "less experienced" could fly some. It was really cool.. and much harder than I thought! The battery on John's plane died mid-air and it had a slight mishap.. but we're hoping it will recover. ahhhh.. fun day...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time to BBQ

We bought a
grill!!We've been looking for a good one on KSL, and we finally found this great deal. We got it for 100 bucks and it came with the propane and a cover! We've already barbequed twice now! We love it! I mean, what is summer, without barbeques out on the patio??? Especially when you have TWO patios.. gotta make good use of those things! I also took a pic of john cuz he kept getting
mustard and ketchup all over his face.. It was pretty funny.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Must Love Games!

Okay.. anyone who knows me at all knows I LOVE games.. and that my family loves games!! Well, last night, John and I went to this store that's pretty much a game lover's dream-come-true. They sell millions of games.. and better yet, you can play them before you buy them! They also have game nights where random people gather at the store and play all sorts of games forever! I was in heaven! Hello!! They need to create a chain of these stores!! and they definitely need one in Maine so my mom can live there. It was awesome and we're DEFINITELY going again soon!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yes.. we NEED 8 Seats!

Well.. we finally sold the acura.. and traded it in.. for this beast- a honda pilot! Why the 8 seats, you ask- well.. because.. I don't know. John wants to be able to take it camping, biking, etc. and have enough room for anything and everything. I can't tell you how many times we got asked.. "So, how many kids do you have?".. or "You guys planning on a big family???" The truth is, we looked at smaller SUV's.. and just weren't satisfied. (plus john thinks small SUV's are for girls.. and definitely not manly enough for him to drive) So, alas, we bought the bigger one.. and I have to say.. I'm lovin' it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blasted Birds!

So.. Friday night, I was on my way home, when
John notified me there were scratching sounds coming from behind the dryer. I didn't believe him at first. Instead, I asked him if he was sure it wasn't just the neighbors or something. When I got home, I had to listen for myself, and sure enough, there were scratching noises. Some type of animal was obviously trying to escape our dryer vent. John had called the apartment offices, but they were closing in minutes and reported that they would "see what they could do." I decided to call the emergency maintenance line... left a message for the maintenance dude and left it up to him to decide for himself whether or not this qualified as an emergency. He, of course, was probably out enjoying his Friday evening and could care less about the freaked out gal on his voicemail. So, John shoved a towel under the laundry room door and headed for bed. The next morning, we called the apartment offices yet again. The maintenance dude came right over, and with John's help, devised a plan to get the mystery animal out of our dryer vent. In the meantime, I was perched on a chair in case it was a little rodent. John held a blanket up over the laundry room door, while the maintenance guy used his "graspers" in one hand and removed the dryer vent wtih the other. He yanked it off, and out came this little.. (or should I say large) creature:

So.. together, John and the maintenance guy took the bird, as it flipped out and started screeching... outside. The bird kept flying at us, all disoriented, but finally escaped to freedom.. to his natural habitat.. although it probably wasn't quite as warm as the dryer vent.. hah!.. Anyways, he only left us a few little treats in the vent.. Those were real fun to clean out!! EWWW!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


John and I went indoor skydiving the other night with some friends. It was awesome!! There is a huge tunnel/tube that they blow air through.. and it's just like skydiving! They give you a little lesson on how to do it, and then let you fly. Awesome for someone like me, who I dont' think would EVER actually jump out of a plane!