Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Driving Range

We did some golfing yesterday. It was such a beautiful day out- who could resist??? We did the driving range and then putted around some. We went and got ice cream afterwards. These pictures are from my phone because I forgot my camera.. so I apologize for the horrible quality. It was a really fun night.. we'll definitely have to go again.. and maybe, just maybe, if we go enough, I may improve my golfing skills!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wet Picnics are NOT cool!

So, yesterday, my friend Leilani and I went on a picnic in the park. We were sitting there, enjoying our sandwiches, when the sprinklers started making noises. I said "uh oh.. uh oh.. oh no".. but I sat there.. thinking surely the sprinklers directly around the bench we were sitting on would not come on.. but sure enough, they did!!! Leilani and baby Jace got soaked!!! And once those sprinklers came on, they stayed on for a total of about 2 seconds before they shut off again!! Not cool! Who times these things anyway!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter with the Gang!

Easter was fun. My brothers came over, adn so did some other friends! We had a ham dinner.. dyed eggs (tye-dyed, actually) and hunted for soem plastic easter eggs. John decided to hide some eggs for fun. There were even some fights over eggs, believe it or not! Pretty funny. It was a fun day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend In Boise

My friend, Rachel, and I went to Boise this past weekend for fun. We just were in desperate need of a little road trip. We visited our friends, Margaret and Laura. I also got to visit my friend, Emily, from back home. It was a blast!! We had some fun girl chats, time in the hot tub, frozen yogurt, some great games of nertz!!!.. It was so fun!!! Thanks Marge for letting us stay at your house and for entertaining us!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hahaha hahahahahah... so.. In preschool, we spend April 1st thinking of good April fool's jokes. Okay, not exactly.. but.. we do have a little fun with it. I played the BEST joke on John. I had different people from work call him all day asking for "Larry." One co-worker left a message on john's voicemail.. another said she was calling from Visa to report some suspicious activity on Larry's credit card.. Another was to remind Larry of his upcoming doctor's appointment. By the last call, John was getting a little annoyed with whomever was giving out this number. He even called back one co-worker to have her tell Larry his credit card was having some troubles.. (haha!). Finally, we had the principal call and tell John that he was Larry and wondered if John had any messages for him. John proceeded to tell him about the problems with his credit card, the ladies who called him and everything. "Larry" told John the credit card stuff must be due to his ex-wife and said.. the other lady who had called must be his girlfriend. He came up with a whole story on why people had called John instead of Larry. The numbers had, of course, gotten switched. After John and Larry's conversation, they hung up. We called John back from the school phone and put him on speaker phone. We announced to John that I was in on it and all busted up laughing. John's co-workers were laughing in the background as they figured out I was in on it. John told us the calls were driving him crazy.. that he had checked all of his credit cards online to make sure there was nothing suspicious with his OWN cards.. Ahhh.. and me.. I felt very.. satisfied with my April fool's joke!! Muah hahahahahahahahahah