Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay. It's official. The date is October 25th.. In the Salt Lake City temple. There is a reception that same night!!! Mark it on your calendars!

Monday, August 25, 2008


You may already have heard, but I"M ENGAGED!!!!! John proposed last Saturday.. with a huge beautiful boquet of flowers.. and a very "sparkley" ring.. It was waiting for me when we got back from our ward campout. We have yet to determine the date and place.. it will most likely be either October 25th or November 1st. We are so excited!!! I'm working on addresses, so if I don't have yours yet, leave me your address in the comments.. Thanks!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maine Videos

I thought I'd add some videos of the beach.. They're pretty funny... enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Maine-ly Fun Trip

In front of an old fort (we came straight from the beach,
so hopefully that explains our outfits)
Beal's Ice Cream.. mmm mMMMM
Laura and Rachel in front of Portland Head Light
John and I

Boogie Boarding in the Ocean!!

The lady who helped us pick out our lobster...
weighing the lobster..
John got to touch a Maine light house.. hah.. this one makes me laugh

We lost John's shorts.. hahh.. okay.. not really.. My brother and sister.. Mike and Laura
I don't know why I'm running.. but John's about to crash into me

We made rachel into a muscular "Heman"..
Mike as a turtle.. I think this was our best one!

Digging the hole (these pics are obviously out of order.. but..I'm too lazy to move them all around)
Stuck with a shovel

John with seaweed hair
We turned him into a mermaid! He even started singing songs from teh Little Mermaid.. we were laughing so hard it hurt!

John and I ate at DiMillo's floating restaraunt.. aka.. a boat! We had seafood and new england clam chowdah
That's the floating restaraunt behind him.. and he's wearing his Maine sweatshirt, of course..
A Huge ship being pulled by a tugboat
The Beach!!! and yes, john finally admitted that Maine has real beaches..
Eating Italian sandwiches.. they are yummy!

Swimming at my Nana's lake
S'mores on the deck with the outdoor fireplace

The Boot.. at LL Bean
a wind up radio.. we allowed the shoppers to enjoy some tunes.. for about 2 seconds.. cuz you had to wind it forever!

Fishing on Grampy's lake.. and no, we didn't catch anything.. only
had a few nips.. and one ate half our worm! Kayaking on Nana's lake.. (Little Sebago)

Having pushing wars on the raft.. I think I lost
Three people and one kayak.. what to do what to do..

Fort Gorges is behind John's head.. We are on the ferry to Peaks Island..
More italian sandwiches
and whoopie pies for dessert.. Eating them made John say "whoopie"
Baked beans at Nana's house..

Riding the ferry to Peaks Island

We rented a tandem bike on Peaks Island and biked along the shoreline
The Peaks Island war battery
and then the rain hit..

The lobster faces it's death..
Still alive..
John took the rubber bands off their claws
and theyr'e cooked. adn red.. and john's trying to eat them shell and all

Ram Island Head Light from the sailboat
We went sailing with my Uncle..
another day at the beach..

wow these are out of order.. This is more on the sail boat

Portland head light from the sail boat

my Uncle Dennis, Mike, and me
Whew.. okay.. I realize I put way way too many pics on here.. but I just had the hardest time picking which ones to post.. so sorry about that. We had a blast in Maine.. we went fishing, kayaking, sailing, boogie boarding, to the beach, biking, ferry boating, ate lobster, ate italian sandwiches, shopping at LL Bean, and much more.. There was no wind when we went sailing, so it really ended up like a motor boat ride. It rained 3 days out of the five.. but we still had a ton of fun,... It was great to see my family and great to see Maine in the summertime..